Lamplight Productions

Technical Writing

Online help systems, product descriptions, installation & configuration instructions.

The following is an example of a product field guide for use by field service personnel to support the installation, configuration and troubleshooting of a newly commissioned system..

This field guide was produced as a 42 page (8.5"x5.5") comb-bound booklet which allows it to lay flat while taking up minimal space in working areas. It contains product context information, component descriptions, installation & configuration instructions and troubleshooting information.

The simplified network diagram shown here establishes the context for the product components. Individual networks are identified and major information and media flows are shown.   

The component description pages present individual hardware components within the system. Each significant connector is identified with information relevant to the system.

Component interaction diagrams provide understanding necessary to setup, configure and troubleshoot the software and hardware components of the system.

A comprehensive checklist is provided to guide the field service engineer through the installation of the system. The checklist is supported by additional descriptive content where needed.

Additional descriptive information sections provide the necessary level of detail to support the field service engineer.

Software configuration descriptions utilize screen-shots where appropriate as an aid for clearly identifying and understanding various parameters for the system.

The troubleshooting section identifies common symptoms and corresponding solutions that may be encountered during an installation.

Guidelines are presented as a supplementary step to a successful installation.

In this case, guidelines for creating a system recovery plan are outlined to assist the field service representative in formulating a plan specific to the customer needs given the system just installed.